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Protect Your Southeast Michigan Home and Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal With Long-Lasting Gutters and Stylish Trim

Why do all of that work yourself when all it takes is one phone call to hire your friendly Macomb County roofing, gutters, windows, and siding crew to put their knowledge and experience to use for you?

At A-1 Roofing & Siding Inc., we understand that your time is precious, and hope that you understand that it is much safer for a professional to work on these kinds of projects for you.

Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring Macomb County's leading home improvement contractors:

Save Time and Hassles

By the time you go do all of the research on trim & gutter repair, pick out the tools and paint that you want to use, go out and dig up your old ladder, and risk your neck climbing to the top of your house, you could have called our team to set up an appointment and have all of the work finished! Who wants to waste all of that time on their house when they have their own lives and work to attend to? Home improvement is our specialty, so calling the experts allows everyone to use their time more efficiently.

Experienced Workmanship Saves You Money in the Long Run

Many people read that last paragraph and respond with things like, "Saving time is great, but I can't afford a roofing contractor!" That's where they're wrong. While it's true that many home improvement specialists hike their rates, especially on jobs like this where so many extra materials are needed, you can rest assured that we take affordability seriously. The last thing we want to do is present our customers with outrageous prices that they can't afford. Also, with the superior workmanship that can only come with our 35 years of experience, you can count on getting long-lasting results and superior durability that will help you avoid spending money on future repairs.

Our Certifications Speak for Themselves!

Our owner and primary contractor John Noel has completed courses for certification in the following areas: Select Shingle Roofer, Master Applicator, Quality Control Master, Professional Roofers Advisory Counsel, CertainTeed Vinyl Siding. What does that mean? It means you know that you are working with professionals who have taken time to perfect their craft. It means you don't have to take a chance on a contractor who is not licensed, insured and certified with your hard earned money and time.

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You don't have to cringe at the thought of your old trim & gutters out there just begging to be replaced or upgraded any longer! At A-1 Roofing & Siding, our goal is swift, effective, and efficient service that is also affordable. Don't wait, if you need your trim or gutter repaired or replaced in Macomb County, Oakland County, Shelby Township, Rochester Hills, Troy, Chesterfield Township, Sterling Heights, MI or the surrounding areas in Southeast Michigan, make sure to call A-1 Roofing & Siding today at (586) 465-5600.